Freezing, Storage & Reheating food

Now that you’ve made this delicious and healthy baby food, what do you do with it?

If you’re not going to freeze the food right away, use it within 48 hours of making it.

The easiest way to store your homemade baby food is to freeze it in ice cube trays or something similar like the Beaba Trays.  If you’re using traditional ice cube trays, cover with aluminum foil or plastic wrap and pop in the freezer.  Pop out the cubes in about three hours or until completely frozen and store in freezer bags that are labeled with the date and what kind of baby food you’ve just made.  Most food will stay fresh for about a month after freezing.

Ideally, take out of the freezer the portion you plan on serving your baby the night before and place in a covered dish in the refrigerator.  If you miss this step, no worries!  Just take out your serving and warm on the stove top or in the microwave.  Stir very well and try on your lip or wrist to test the temperature is the best for baby.  Be very careful if you use the microwave to warm food, hot spots are common.  Never put breast milk in the microwave, excess heat can destroy important proteins and vitamins in the milk.

Remember, if your baby doesn’t eat the entire amount of food from the bowl discard it.  Saliva may cause bacteria to grow in the food which may make your baby sick.  Use a portion that you think you’re baby will be satisfied with.  I always gave Corianna a large portion for dinner compared to other meals and snacks because she had a big appetite that time of day.

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