Soft boiled Egg Yolk

This guideline will help you make a soft boiled egg with the white cooked and the yolk soft.  Always use good quality pastured eggs when feeding your baby.  There are so many variables: pot size, lid on/off, egg & water temp, big vs small burner, gas vs electric, letting water heat up first vs putting egg in room temp water, burner temp, elevation, etc. Here’s my method that works most of the time and we’re almost at sea level:
  • Use a small pot and a small gas burner.
  • Put pot of water on medium high heat and bring to a rolling boil
  • Prick egg to avoid an explosion in the boiling water
  • Place 1 refrigerated egg in pot
  • Set timer for 6 minutes 30 seconds (I use the stopwatch on my phone)
  • Rinse under cool water to stop cooking

Egg whites should be cooked & yolks runny or barely cooked.  You may need to adjust times that fit your circumstances.  Start out with just a spoonful of the yolk to see how your baby tolerates it.  Lua did great with egg yolk but Corianna didn’t do so well, she threw up!  We tried the yolk again every few months with no success for Corianna, but now that she’s over 1 year old she eats whole eggs with no problems.  It’s one of her favorite foods in fact!

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